Posted on 03 Jan 2021 @ 4:26pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields

Mission: M1: Behind Imperial Lines
Location: USS Leo, Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0300

Insomnia, Aoife told herself, was the reason she wasn't able to sleep. It had nothing to do with Eryn, her ex-boyfriend, being on a planet covered in Romulans attempting to infiltrate a base for information. To say nothing of the fact that these were the Romulans they knew wanted nothing to do with the Federation.

The Leo was currently drifting along in space, with even the thrusters shutdown keeping emissions to as little as possible. They were monitoring Romulan communications traffic as well as the movement of vessels in the area. Their sensors in passive mode did limit the range of their capabilities but would give them plenty of notice that company was coming.

Aoife sipped from the mug of coffee that sat on the bare spot of the console alongside her chair. Just behind that sat a plate with a sandwich on it, roast beef with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise on it. She'd taken only a bite out of the sandwich but the coffee was already almost half gone. She'd been on the bridge a good fifteen minutes having relieved the Operations Chief for thirty minutes so he could take a break and get midrats himself.

It was a great cover for the worry she felt for the marines left on their own. Knowing as of now it would take two hours to get to orbit for extrication from the time they came. She also knew depending on the Romulan activity in the area that they could venture even further away.

A lot had happened since the Leo had launched during transit to the starbase they conducted many drills. They conducted two actual law enforcement boardings resulting in fines for one vessel. On arrival at the starbase they met with the Admiral and were given forty-eight hours to prepare for the mission the marines were on now.

During the off-time the crew restocked, put their personal belongings from the cargo bay into their quarters on the station, and the marines conducted training. The Intelligence section worked with the department aboard the station catching up on all of the active intelligence for the area and regarding the mission, at least the parts that the NCOs were allowed to know. Only herself, the executive officer, and marine team knew why the marines were deposited on the planet.

The Executive Officer another change that had occurred when the ship arrived at the starbase. Another vessel, a Defiant Class, required an Executive Officer and Lieutenant Kaz was transferred off. Aoife was originally told that she didn't require an XO on such a small ship but petitioned the Admiral to allow her to assign her old friend Kayla Torres to the role. Torres had been assigned as Chief of the Boat and Intelligence Section Chief so now a Chief Warrant Officer 2 she was the Executive Officer and Intelligence Officer with a Chief of the Boat pending another mission or two. In the meantime, she would figure out which of her Chiefs she felt would be best for the bump up to Senior.

"Any changes on sensors?" Aoife asked, putting her mug back down on the console.

"Negative, ma'am," one of the watchstanders responded.

"Very well," she said, picking up the plate next. They both knew if something changed or intelligence intercepted new communication sources that they would have announced it to her. Aoife couldn't stand the quiet at the moment though and was starting to wish there was already the holoemitters that Eryn requested in the cargo bay so she could go for a better run than around a deck in the middle of the night.

She took a bite of the sandwich and then placed the plate back where she had it. She took a napkin from her lap and wiped her mouth before sitting it back on her right leg. She sighed as she looked around the bridge at the quiet but sharp watchstanders and then her eyes danced along the various displays on her console checking the ship's status.

She sighed, even so bored she wasn't tired.