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Bleary Eyes, Sharp Minds

Posted on 27 Nov 2020 @ 10:17pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields & Crewman Hallie Cross & Chief Warrant Officer 2 M'obek & Petty Officer Second Class Kendrick Nolan

Mission: M0: Homeport
Location: USS Leo
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 0300

Aoife entered the bridge which was announced by a bleary-eyed crewman who didn't seem to be serving any particular purpose at the moment. It resulted in the members of the crew to stop what they were doing and turn toward the entrance at attention. It was a neat perk that she still got a jolt of adrenaline from but she would be glad that once they were underway it would end. She stopped just inside and looked around at the crew present for a moment.

"As you were," Aoife said, continuing toward her XO. "Lieutenant where are we in our preparations to get underway?" she asked.

She knew the engineering department had been working for two hours now preparing the warp core and systems to get underway especially with the stressful action of getting the ship into space from their planetary based yard.

Katz rubbed his eyes. "Well within readiness Ma'am.." He said, mustering the wakefulness to speak normally.

"Fantastic," Aofie said, noticeably excited about getting underway for the first real time. "Seal all airlocks and set the maneuvering watch."

"Aye." Said Kaz switching his attention to his controls. "Airlocks sealed. We're ready Captain."

"Bridge to Engineering, Captain here, what's our status?" Aoife asked, using the comm button from the command chair she now stood next to.

"We are now completely split from shore power, systems functioning ideally, and those systems are showing full power for impulse and warp speeds alike," M'obek replied, happy to report, "The Leo is at your beck and call, Captain."

"Very well," Aoife said, closing the comm. "Executive Officer bring the ship to condition blue, sound the general alarm. All crew to stations."

Ezrik nodded. He tapped his controls again activating the Blue Alert and the general alarm."Condition Blue ma'am." He reported. He tapped to activate a ship-wide comm. "All Crew report to stations."

Nolan, sound a sleep, was awaken by the voice of the Executive Officer and the condition change. He could hear his roommates starting to stir from their beds, with groans and moans permeating the air. 'Why did the Captain pick three in the morning?' He thought to himself as he jumped from the top bunk. He had chosen the bed closest to the door yet furthest from the work area to give him a quick escape should he ever need it. Nolan got dressed and slipped out the door. He hung a quick left and came to the stairs that would take him up the two decks to the bridge.

The laboratory on deck 2 was almost always empty at this hour, which meant it was a magical hour for Stan. His private holo-emitter, built by him for his private and illicit purposes, was not for virgin eyes or ears. The attention to detail, though, given to the people in his programs would be of extreme interest for a forensic investigator in the event of any criminal allegations. When the code blue rang out, Stan let out a dejected groan. "On my way," he said. Turning to the naked-as-jaybird holographic representations of assorted crewmembers, Stan gave them a sad wave. "Computer, end program."

Happenings in Main Engineering are posted here.

With another cup of raktajino in hand, M'obek stood over his station looking through the last shift's reports, excited to be on the move after six long months of rigorous preparation. The half-Klingon took in the vibrant humming of the various devices in engineering, from the static energy of the warp drive to the crew tapping away at their stations and the responses each computer gave in kind.

"Finally," He said out loud, so all the crew in Main Engineering could hear him, "Let's take this ship out into the stars."

"I can't wait!" Hailee announced, in agreement with her boss. "I know I went on the shakedown but I don't think this will really compare."

The gruff Klingon took a sip of his drink and nodded, adding a gruff grumble as he did so, "Indeed, Crewman. There are few things in the galaxy quite like being on a starship as she cruises through space," M'obek acknowledged, sounding unhappy even as he tried to display pleasure, "I'd argue the feeling that comes with being the ones responsible for keeping that sharship cruising is one, however".

The doors of the Mess Hall opened as 10 Marines filed in, lead by Gunnery Sergeant Alissa Tchaikovsky. Her dark hair pulled back into a ponytail and out of her way, she rested a phaser rifle on her shoulder as the team came to a halt in formation behind her, waiting for her Skipper's orders.

As Nolan passed onto the bridge, he looked around at the various crew already assembled. He nodded to a few that he caught the eyes of and then turned to go behind the wall at the back of the room. This was his little domain up here. It was a small space with two stations that allowed for the intel department to work and be readily accessible to the command staff should they be needed. Nolan pulled up his station and started reviewing sub-space chatter they had been collecting. He wanted to see if anything was being said about their departure.

Entering the bridge, Stan shuffled his feet ever so slightly at first. He made a quick survey of who was present and did his best to stop imagining them naked. More than two of them had been represented on the holodeck just moments ago. The science console was on the far side of the bridge from the turbolift, which meant he had to walk past the command chair. When he saw Aiofe, he couldn't help but lick his lips, the images of her holographic avatar fresh in his mind. At last he reached his station, but not without a slight sheen of sweat beginning to form on his brow.

The doors opened again as Eryn Anahr stepped onto the Bridge. He stood near the back, knowing Aiofe didn't really want him there, as she felt it was completely unnecessary. He, on the other hand, felt it was pertinent to be included in any decision making that might happen on the bridge. So here he stood, unmoving, but out of the way.

"Ship is prepare for departure, Captain," the XO announced.

"Helm!" Aoife said, pausing for dramatic effect. "Prepare for launch."


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