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Tactical Planning

Posted on 27 Nov 2020 @ 10:15pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields & Chief Petty Officer Grav Tak

Mission: M0: Homeport
Location: USS Leo, Crew Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0000

"Alright," Aoife said, once the room was resecured. The five remaining members of the senior staff had shifted around the table so that they were closer to each other. "With the Marine Detachment now aboard and going to a theater of operations where we expect tactical type actions to occur regularly, we need to update our plans. Before we leave this room we need to have a new plan for battle stations for our security department and our marines and how we plan to use each in concert with each other."

The Tellarite Chief shifted in his chair and nodded to the CO, "That seems like a good idea." He looked over at the Marine who also sat at the table.

"As I went over with the First Sergeant when he first came aboard we are lucky to have his team. All Law Enforcement actions will still fall under the leadership of Chief Tak and under his planning. All arrests must be conducted by a Starfleet member and not a marine for legal purposes. I hope the two of you will take some time to get to know each other this evening," she said, looking to her Chief Master-at-Arms and Marine Team Leader.

The Tellarite looked at the Marine and nodded, "Seems like a good plan sir." Grav stuck out his hand to the Marine, in the Human fashion, "Chief Petty Officer Grav Tak."

Eryn looked at the Tellarite's hand but didn't take it. There was very little he despised more than the human hand-shake greeting. Since neither of them were humans, he was clearly unnecessary. So he simply nodded to the man, and directed his attention back to Aoife.

Kaz sat back, observing the interaction. He took a few quick notes on his PADD.

"Good, now I would like a plan for Red Alert for the ship to report to battle stations as if the Marines are deployed so not relying on them for anything straight off the bat. Assignments, once we are at battle stations, can always be altered," Aoife pointed out. "So I would say for now we can have the Marines report to the Armory to draw their equipment and weapons then assemble in the mess?"

"You want us to stand in the middle of the dining room, armed to the teeth?" Eryn asked. "And wouldn't it make more sense for one of us to be on the Bridge so we're aware of everything going on and your orders?"

"Your team isn't in the operations center when deployed normally," Aoife said, an obviously annoyed expression on her face. "You're going to be ordered on an away team, or to repel a boarder, the ship's physical position and tactical situation is immaterial until you have an objective."

Eryn shrugged but stayed quiet.

Ezrik couldn't suppress a slight chuckle at the Commander putting Eryn in his place. The Trill sat forward with his eyes up at the occupants of the room.

"Chief Tak did you have any requests of the marine detachment?” Aoife asked.

The Tellarite smiled, "Just be ready for when we need you. I love surprises when boards see the Marines charging for them." Grav said chuckling to himself, "Also, I would like my security personnel to attend some of your trainings. Marines have more vigorous training, so it would be beneficial to all of us."

"Just don't get in our way," Eryn said, gruffly.

"Glad to see we can all work together well," Aoife said, shooting an annoyed look at the Marine. "Put the cross-training into practice and I would suggest setting up some preformed teams for when Red or Yellow alert is called. In the meantime the Command Team has other things to move onto, excuse us," Aoife said, standing.


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