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Tomorrow we Ride

Posted on 07 Oct 2020 @ 11:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz & Chief Warrant Officer 2 M'obek & Chief Petty Officer Grav Tak & Chief Petty Officer Iari Io & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kayla Torres & First Sergeant Eryn Anahr

Mission: M0: Homeport
Location: USS Leo, Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1600

Aoife walked into the Crew's mess which had been cleared of all personnel except for the Senior Staff. There was no real great place to hold a meeting aboard the ship. Unlike those that were much bigger, there was no wardroom, no conference room, or anything beyond the mess to use. Just like the senior staff having to use their own quarters for an office, including the CO.

Spotting Aoife entering the mess hall, Kayla came immediately to her feet. "Captain on deck!" She couldn't quite keep herself from smiling a bit as the people around her sprang to attention, though most of those gathered would have missed it.

"Take your seats," Aoife said, proud of the entrance she now demanded. I am the Captain... she thought to herself as she walked to the table that would fit all the senior staff at once.

As Eryn sat, he turned his head, hoping that Kayla wouldn't notice him. He hadn't realized until this moment that he wasn't just serving with one of his exes, but two. And this was an uncomfortable situation he did not want to be in.

Ezrik wipes his hands down the front of his uniform. He wanted to make his appearance match his ambitions, but crumbs always seemed magnetized to his uniform. He sat to the Captain’s right side.

Glancing to the captain, Iari settled into the chair she had been hovering next to and took a sip from the mug of tea she carried. As an afterthought, she retrieved her PADD and set it on her lap, always at the ready in case she needed to take notes.

Still somewhat sore from the bottle of bourbon he'd taken to bed the night before, CWO2 M'obek clutched at one temple with his right hand, elbow leaning against the table they were using for the meeting. He'd been up since 0600, putting on the final, final, final touches with the Lead Engineer he'd been working with since arriving aboard the ship; M'obek swore he hadn't slept in 48 hours.

Grek moved to the table and sat down at one of the chairs. He set a mug of steaming coffee on the table and watched as the rest of the staff did so.

As everyone took their cue from Aoife to return to their seats, Kayla relocated herself to Aoife's left side before sitting back down. This part of the job was still a bit odd to her, being a part of any ship's command staff, privileged to sit side by side with her commander.

"As you may have heard by now we have gotten the all-clear from the project engineering team that we can be placed in full active status. Our new Sector Commander is anxious to have us in the area and at work. I am anxious to get there so I wanted to do a final readiness check, full crew recall, and I'd like to get underway during the mid-watch." Aoife knew that the midwatch (that ran from 0000-0600) would not be a popular time to get underway but they were supposed to be doing their best to get underway unnoticed.

"Tactical systems will be up and running sir. The armory is fully stocked. There is still some training to be done with the security personnel, but that can be done in route." The Chief Petty Officer stated.

M'obek let out a soft groan - wishing he'd snagged a cup of raktajino before making his way to the meeting - before replying, "Engineering's been waiting for this moment. We'll be ready to get the Leo flying at the turn of zero hundred hours."

“I know that the project engineer seems to think that we are perfectly good to go but what is your assessment of the projects that we wanted sorted while here?” she asked, looking directly to her Chief Engineer.

Leaning back in his chair, eyes closed as if he were falling asleep, M'obek was actually concentrating deeply on the words of his commanding officer, so the sounds so loud the Klingon could swear he was under projectile fire from every angle. Moving forward again in his seat, M'obek moved his head in an unsure motion, "I have faith in my team and their readiness to leap into the fire; The project engineer and I disagree on many things, including the standard of good to go - but I'd be lying if I said I'm not trying to be a perfectionist, ensuring that the first ship I've been Chief Engineer of will run as she should. Any more that could be done here, could be done elsewhere."

"But we won't be elsewhere, we will be underway," Aoife said. "Are we going to be able to function at what is nominal for the ship? I'm not sure I can accurately gauge what a stickler you are, Mr. M'obek."

With a short, gruff grunt, M'obek replied, "I have been told I am a relentless stickler, Commander" he replied, "The Leo will function Starfleet standard, and any issues we might right into will be typical issues you get from a starship that's been in space for, however long."

"Alright, stickler or not we need to be realistic about our readiness going forward. A ship in dock because of a stickler isn't better than a ship that's nominal and maybe not perfect," Aoife said, trying her best to not sound as if she were chiding the engineer.

"Our orders are to get underway for Starbase Ten our new homeport where we are going to be assigned to the Fifth Fleet's area of operations. Assigned to the fleet's Special Operations section we will be working our Marine Special Operations Team and Intelligence Department to get things done along and behind the Romulan lines. Both factions. For those of you who haven't had the chance to meet our newcomer I'd like to introduce First Sergeant Eryn Anahr," Aoife said, motioning to the marine. "He, Senior, and I all served together a few years ago back before I went to OCS."

Eryn gave a smile and nod as he looked around the room. It was unavoidable now, and as he glanced that direction, his eyes locked with Kayla's. Deep inside of himself, he hoped maybe she wouldn't remember him. But from the look on her face, he knew that ship had sailed.

"Are there any changes in readiness that we need to be aware of? I know that other than engineering we were set to go. Did you have any new concerns personnel-wise Doc?" Aoife asked, looking to the Chief Corpsman.

"All vaccination records are current and up to date. I'm sure the few hangovers I see will resolve themselves shortly. But, if anyone needs to see me after this meeting, my door is open." Io answered.

“Great,” Aoife said. “I would like to depart no later than zero-three-thirty,” she said, expecting some groans on that one. There was at least one sigh but the senior staff held it together pretty well. "If you have any issues report it to the XO as soon as possible. I'll post the watchbill within the next two hours, dismissed."


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