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Green Light

Posted on 25 Sep 2020 @ 9:52am by Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz & Chief Warrant Officer 2 M'obek & GM NPC

Mission: M0: Homeport
Location: USS Leo, Bridge
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1300

"Lieutenant Kaz," a man wearing engineering coveralls and a Lieutenant Commander rank entered the bridge of the USS Leo. Where the fine executive office was taking some time to review some readiness reports from the command chair. The man who entered the bridge was the Chief Engineer for the remaining project engineers from the fleet yards assigned to finish up the fixes from the trials. As the Captain was not aboard, at the moment, the engineer elected to speak to the XO instead and had the Chief Engineer in tow.

Walking in line with the project lead, M'obek felt a few too many thoughts looping around in his head. The Leo was his first time taking charge as a ship's Chief Engineer, so in spite of having been with the project lead through each trial and tribulation of the past six months, he had been hounding the poor man with insistence for repeated perfection and attention to minute details. The lead engineer had argued anything that might be resolved now would be minor issues, fixable while the ship was moving; M'obek persisted, and had quite a size advantage. He didn't feel that much larger, walking in line behind the Lt. Cmdr., however. Upon entering the office behind the man, M'obek also greeted his executive officer with a brief, grunting, "Lieutenant,"

“Gentlemen.” Said Kaz with a nod. “What can I do for you?” To be honest, Ezrik has become accustomed to interruptions at all times of day. Perks of the position was his resigned thought. He set a PADD aside and gave the Engineers his attention.

“I wanted to speak with Commander Shields regarding the status of the project, however, you’ll do as she is not aboard.” It wasn’t a particularly strong start to a conversation but it was this itself that spoke wonders about the personality of the project’s current lead Engineer. “I’m giving you the green light we fixed the issues with the nacelles not deploying correctly. I’ve notified Starfleet Command and the Fifth Fleet Command as well,” the Commander stated.

Ezrik was quite please with the news. “Fantastic,” he said, offering a smile to both men. “You’re pleased with the work Mister M’obek?”

"The work is satisfactory, Lt." M'obek replied, offering the senior engineer a side-eye look that could have knocked the man to his knees, "Whatever we could do here could be done in-flight, impulse or warp; anything else, we'd just be triple-checking things we've already double-checked." And it had been a struggle enough to convince the Lt. Cmdr to keep re-assessing and refining as much as they had. At this point, if the lead chose to give the green light, the green light was given.

"Realistically, Mr. M'obek," the engineer said, emphasising the mister as he spoke. "We are now checking it the fifth and sixth time. We double-checked before trials, we checked during trials, we've fixed what we found, and tested twice more. I'm not really sure that the ship would ever get underway if we were going by whatever standard you're hoping for," he said, his body turning and his mannerisms changing to be sure that this was instruction and not courtesy at all.

"Lieutenant," the engineer said, haughtily, "if your commander has an issue she can reach out to my office. As of now we are done with the Leo. Good day," the Lieutenant Commander said, he turned on his heel and then walked around M'obek to depart the bridge.

M'obek offered Lt. Kaz a look of almost murderous intent buried behind casual displeasure, "Charming fellow, that," He said, "truly a bastion of Starfleet officer standards."

Kaz smirked. "Truly." he said with a hushed tone. "I suppose we can contact the Captain. Do you have a checklist you worked off, that I can pass along?"

"Of course, Lt." M'obek took the PADD he held in his hands and offered it to his executive officer, "You'll not the changes suggested by the lead engineer. Mostly subtractions from the list. And you'll note where we stopped conducting our third review." Trying to sound confident, the Chief Engineer let out a short grunt, "I'll admit, I'm being...overly taxing with my reviews. But it was vital to me that anything that can be addressed in dock, be addressed. So if any problems arise during our mission, such problem is not exacerbated by lackadaisical preparation."

The Trill nodded. "Better safe than sorry." He took the PADD to transfer the data to the CO. "I'm sure Commander Shields will be happy with the thoroughness."


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