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Party at Pride Rock

Posted on 13 Oct 2020 @ 7:37pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields & Crewman Hallie Cross & Lieutenant Ezrik Kaz & Chief Warrant Officer 2 M'obek & Chief Petty Officer Grav Tak & Chief Petty Officer Iari Io & Chief Warrant Officer 2 Kayla Torres & Petty Officer Second Class Kendrick Nolan & First Sergeant Eryn Anahr

Mission: M0: Homeport
Location: Crew Mess
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1900

The crew of the USS Leo had much to celebrate everyone had achieved their needed qualifications to be useful as a crew underway. The ship except for some minor engineering adjustments did fantastically well in its trials and they were hoping to hear from the engineering team at any time that the ship could get underway. The crew, tonight, was celebrating the fact that they'd officially received operational orders to depart when ready to Starbase 10 for assignment to the Fifth Fleet and for Special Operations along the Federation-Romulan Border areas which was even more interesting since the split between the Romulan Star Empire and Romulan Free State.

Aoife entered the party and made her way through the crewmembers already present. There was a large buffet of food, there were games to be played, and there were some items that were not officially available to drink. The whole crew hadn't arrived yet and Aoife hoped they would all at some point even if in shifts show up.

"Senior a moment," Aoife said, as she approached her Chief of the Boat, Intelligence Petty Officer, and old friend. "I'll have her right back to you crewman," Aoife said, with a slight nod to one of the ship's non-rates.

Kayla flashed a smile to the crewman she was being 'rescued' from, happy to have an excuse to escape from them. "Go on, crewman. Enjoy the party. Might be our last one for a while, so make it memorable." As the crewman scampered off, she turned her attention to Aoife. "I was wondering when you were going to find me. For a bit, I thought someone was playing a joke on me when they said I'd be working for you again."

“Yeah, the joke is really on me though... you’ll never guess who is going to be running our Marines,” she said, a very serious look on her face.

"Someone we know?" The look on Aoife's face was worrying, and Kayla's smile quickly disappeared. "I haven't seen a manifest. Who is it?"

"Eryn Anahr," Aoife said, gravely.

On the other side of the room Hallie saw a member of the crew that she’d been afraid to talk to. Really all three of the crew who wore those ominous black uniforms scared her a little. She knew she was on a ship that had those types of people and she knew that they also had marines. She knew she had to get a secret clearance to be able to even be aboard this ship. But what were they actually going to do when they got to the Romulan border?

“Umm, hi, Petty Officer,” Hailee said anxiously to the IS2.

"Crewman," Kendrick responded. He had been trying to keep to the side of the party. He was watching people come and go. Learning more about the crew outside of what was available from their service records.

"How are you this evening," He added trying to help break the ice a bit more and start a free-flowing conversation.

"Excited about this," she said, happily. "Excited for my first real deployment, how about you?" she asked.

"I am ready to get started," He replied with a chuckle. "I feel that this mission is gonna test us all."

"This is the first time I've ever been on a ship, well really my first unit," she said. "I feel pretty lucky to get a pre-commission unit as the first one."

"Well, you will learn a lot then. You are never truly prepared for what is gonna happen in the fleet. Especially on this ship." Kendrick replied.

"Yeah," she agreed. "So do you know anything about our first assignment?" she asked, eagerly.

Kendrick shifted his stance a bit, "Not anymore than the rest of us. Which is to say, nothing. I assume we will get our briefing soon." Kendrick was getting parched and looked around and saw the bar. "Would you like a drink?" he queried as he pointed toward the bar.

"Sure," she said, a little disappointed that not even the intel man knew what was happening. Then again she probably shouldn't have just assumed he'd tell her anyway.

Ezrik seemed to be talking to himself as he entered the mess. In truth, he was arguing with the voices of Kaz’s previous hosts. It was a daily occurrence. At times the voices proved helpful, other times they became an annoyance. Today was one of those times.

“Shut up.” He hissed in a whispered yell.

‘Well I never.’ Said Neema, her voice dripping with a continental Trill accent.

“Just be quiet for a while.” Ezrik sounded desperate. “Please.” The voices subsided. The young Trill man rubbed his temple and joined the swelling crowd to find a drink.

Among the crowd was the imposing frame of the ship's Klingon engineer, Mr. M'obek; he'd lagged behind in Main Engineering for some time, caught up in his work and convinced he could be on time. Since joining the Leo, M'obek had made little effort to leave the ship's third deck. It had the place to eat, his bed and the ship's warp and impulse engines. Why would he ever need to leave? Besides, Engineering was the last cog in the wheel holding everyone back - M'obek felt a certain push to get the ship ready to go in one fell swoop.

So, having gotten caught up in the subtleties of dilithium mixes, proper deuterium containment - even the frequency on the EM field was way off - the Klingon debated whether he should even make an appearance. He decided that, as an officer, it would be neglectful not to make an appearance at least. M'obek had eyed the time and heaved a long sigh, grumbling as he stalked his way down the corridor from engineering to the mess and on into the gathering crowd of bodies.

His first and only instinct, to find a drink, was fulfilled by a table swarmed by his crewmates, who he gently shoved and "excuse me'd" his way to the front. With both massive hands, M'obek reached out and grabbed two bluish-hued drinks; the contents didn't matter to him. Drinking from one glass in a swift, head-tilted-back motion, M'obek turned around as he held the other glass in anticipation. Right behind him stood the Leo's first officer, the Trill Lieutenant, Kaz, who seemed in as much a need of a drink as the Klingon engineer did.

"Good evening, Lt.," He said with a matter-of-fact pleasantry, not any actual sense that the evening was good in any sense. He extended out his hand holding the fresh drink in polite offering, "Share a drink?" M'obek wasn't the most socially adept, but he had at least learned from both sides of his heritage that a drink or seven between strangers could lead to another drink or seven between allies and brothers. And he could use one of those, as the nerves and fresh liquor took up bull-fighting in his stomach.

“Please.” Ezrik said eagerly. “I’d love one.” He smiled at the Half-Klingon Engineer.

The bulky engineer placed the drink gently into the Lt.'s hands before turning around and snatching another two off the table, just after they'd been set down.

"You look troubled, Lt." M'obek said, matter-of-factly, "Is everything alright?"

Before Ezrik could answer however, an ice cube came flying through their talk-space and a second one hit M'obek at his temple. "I said, 'HEY!'" The call came from behind the small bar. When Iari arrived at the gathering, no one had been tending bar and while she poured herself a drink, she offered to pour for the person behind her, then she continued to pour... At her last assignment, she had learned to tend bar in her down time, giving her something to do. And so she fell into the role almost naturally now. But never had she seen someone so oblivious to courtesy as the engineer. "Those weren't for you!"

Turning his head swiftly to assess the angle of his assault, M'obek turned back around to the bar where he'd grabbed the drinks - where he'd observed no general order about how people grabbed their drinks, just that they were made and then taken and then consumed. Straightening his back a little, M'obek said, "I was not aware of the party's custom to be assigned a drink; I was not challenged the first time I took from the table." It took him a moment to realize the bartender offering him contention was the CPO Iari...something or other, he wasn't good with names, "Nor was I aware of the custom to hurl projectiles in lieu of a point."

"They aren't assigned; they're requested. Marc and Jody requested the Blue Lagoons. And the whiskeys are... were for them," she indicated two others who looked mystified as to what was happening. "But, please, feel free to serve yourself." Iari stepped back and offered to hand off the station.

Lumbering awkwardly past the confused and somewhat frightened crewmen, M'obek stepped behind the bar station and observed its content with a musing mug, his hand hovering over several different bottles of liquor both of low-quality and high - well, higher - quality. The bar was well stocked, and the booze didn't seem to be running low any time soon He placed a glass on the table in front of him, and with a clunky grip grabbed onto a bottle of terran bourbon, "It's a shame there is no bloodwine that I can see," M'obek grumbled, before moving the bottle to the glass. He thought for a moment before pouring, looking to the bottle and to the glass and back to the bottle, before looking to Iari and saying, "this should do nicely, thank you." And just like that, the engineer began to walk off with the bottle of bourbon, off to the snickering and whispering of the even-more-confused crew.

Kaz watched M’obek. “Bourbon?” He asked looking at the bottle.

"It had the horrible stench of a warrior's drink," The engineer replied, popping open the bottle and taking a significant swig before looking at the bottle and remarking, "I don't know if I've ever met someone from...Kentucky," As he did, he offered the bottle to the Lt. with an almpst poker-face-like blank stare.

With an internal shrug, Kaz took the offering and swigged. “Woooo.” Said the Trill after swallowing. “Anyone else want some?” He asked looking around at the other guests. His comrades.

Grav walked into the mess. He saw all the familiar faces of the small crew that called this ship home. The Tellarite moved to the bar and grabbed a drink, and just looked around the room at his crewmates.

"So, I'm going to hand this next one directly to you," Iari said, pouring a third Glenlivet on the rocks. "Be ready, Joe."

Kendrick and Hallie made their way over to the bar that had been setup in the room. It of course was not a permanent fixture in the crew's mess which was a disappointment to some.

"Evening Chief and Chief," Haille said, as they approached the bar as Joe was handed a drink by Iari.

Iari smiled, the warmth of it radiated across her face. "Good evening," she returned. "Care for a drink?"

“I’d love one, Chief,” Hallie said. “Sirs,” she said, noticing that the XO and her very own department head were also present. Maybe this wasn’t the best place for these two to be wandering over to. But then again they were all shipmates.

Kendrick nodded as a reply to Iari. He had overheard a lot of the commotion, but gave it no real thought. They were a small crew and tensions sometimes ran high.

"Anything in particular," Iari prompted. It wasn't the most complete bar, "I can do most drinks, unless you want something with the quality bourbon." She motioned to where M'obek had wandered off. "The Woodford Reserve Double Oaked has taken leave of the bar."

"Anything, it all does down the same," Kendrick said with a laugh. "Chief Tak, how are you this evening?"

Iari nodded with the free instructions and picked up a fresh glass to start mixing. She checked for new-comers to the bar region before gently setting the drink in front of Kendrick. She gave the rim of the glass a sharp tap. The clear liquid developed a swirl of orange and gold luminescence that streamed out to fill the glass, then the entire drink turned a dull non-luminescent gold. "One Samarian Sunset."

"I'll have whatever you make him," Hallie said, not having really had any experience with alcohol before.

"Which 'him,'" Iari asked for clarification. "Kendrick has a Samarian Sunset, Grav has a Glenlivet on the rocks - same as Joe..."

“Kendrick,” Hailee said.

Iari nodded approvingly. It was a complicated drink to mix, but she loved the final display - a work of temporary art. "One more Samarian Sunset," she announced and gave the glass a tap to start the visual show.

"It looks delicious," Hailee said, excitedly as she accepted the drink. "Do you like it?" she asked, looking to Kendrick as she took a sip of her own. She made a little face at first a strong spot where the straw had landed but she mixed it a bit and it worked better her face turning to a smile of approval.

"Lets go dance," she said, grabbing Kendrick and pulling him away.


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