The Lion’s Mustang

Posted on 22 Aug 2020 @ 12:42pm by Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields
Edited on on 27 Aug 2020 @ 7:56pm

Mission: Homeport
Location: USS Leo, CO’s Quarters
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 1330

Aoife sat nervously at the desk in her ready room aboard the USS Leo. The ship was currently on the ground at the shipyard it was built at, Starfleet Secure Engineering Facility Andoria, in one of the construction yards. The Leo had completed its trials at the control of some of its first crew and mostly members of the yard construction teams. There had been some issues that needed to be addressed and so the ship was getting some final items worked on. The ship was commissioned and in active service just waiting to be given its final blessing from the Chief Engineer of the construction team.

The Leo was a great ship, technologically advanced, small, sleek, and best of all… it was hers. Aoife had a pretty fast-moving career in Starfleet seemingly to always be just in the right place at the right time. She’d worked with and for flag officers directly, in headquarters of a major command, and in the field when needed. But for some reason despite having met and shaken the hand of the Chief of Starfleet Operations themself she was nervous about making this little call to say hello to her new boss.

She swallowed as the screen changed and put on a dazzling smile, “Admiral Th’chenass.” Aoife blushed as she butchered the pronunciation of her sector commander’s name. “Lieutenant Commander Aoife Shields, Commander of the USS Leo.”

“Good afternoon, Commander,” said the Andorian man as he gave her a look. Most people just used his rank rather than try to pronounce his name. Oh how he wished she would have done the same. “I see you’re settling in nicely,” he said.

“So far so good, sir,” Aoife responded. “I’m hoping to be able to depart for Starbase Ten by the end of the week. We’re still at the mercy of the yard’s engineering teams.”

“What are they waiting on?” the man asked. “We need to get that firecracker into service. I’m sure I don’t need to explain the expediency of your launch.”

“There were some issues with the starboard nacelle it wasn’t expanding completely and it was causing some issues with the warp field. Nothing detrimental but not something that we need to be dealing with while we’re trying to be quiet on the border, sir,” Aoife said. “I think waiting this one out is worth the delay.”

Shri’ar was clearly unhappy with this information but decided not to press the issue. “Whatever you feel is best, Commander. This is your ship now.”

Aoife noted his displeasure but honestly wasn’t bothered by it, talking to him reminded her of her confidence dealing with brass, plus his attitude reminded her of other parts of her personality. The ship wasn’t the only firecracker that this admiral was going to have under his command.

“I received orders to report to homeport for further briefing are there any other additional orders, sir?” she asked, curious. With the climate with the Romulans right now she could understand him wanting a ship like the Leo on the border especially with its intelligence gathering and analysis capability and the Marine Special Operations Team that was scheduled to come aboard.

“I’ll say the same to you as I do most new CO’s,” he leaned back in his chair. “Keep your eyes and ears open. I can’t stress this enough for you, specifically.” He looked at Aoife, square in the eye. “There’s a lot at stake in your new neck of the woods. Your eyes and ears are your greatest weapon.”

“Understood, Admiral,” Aoife said, simply. “I assure you that I’m very good with my eyes and ears.”

“I’m aware.” The Andorian picked up a PADD and glanced over it. “Your service record is impressive. Background in Intelligence is handy, but you really rose through the ranks quickly. What’re your thoughts on that?”

“I took every opportunity afforded to me, sir. I volunteered to go into the field anytime someone was needed to go. I’m a go-getter and I don’t intend to stop. Though that doesn’t mean that I am not perfectly aware that I should savor every moment as Captain of the Leo. Plus you have a new CO with a ship with special capabilities who isn’t shy and is used to working with flag officers directly.”

Shri’ar smiled, “I love the confidence. Some would think it’s cocky and egotistical. And they’re right, it is. But I always love a Captain who knows what they want and they’ll do what they need to to get ahead. It speaks to me.”

“Me too sir,” Aoife said, a big smile appearing on her face. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad boss to have to work with after all. “I look forward to meeting you when we arrive.”

“Make it quick, Commander. There’s something brewing on the horizon and I need to know what’s going on.”

“Understood Admiral, we’ll make best speed once engineering gives us the clearance to watch. But one more thing Admiral,” Aoife said, holding her hand up as to stop him from walking away. “The Marine Special Operations Team has yet to be assigned… any word on that, sir?”

“Your tactical team should arrive no later than tomorrow morning. I think you’re going to like the Team Leader. He’s a good man, strong fighter. But has a mouth on him, so don’t take it too personally,” Shri’ar said. “First Sergeant Eryn Anahr is his name. He’ll report to you when you get here.”

She looked a little shocked when the name came out of the Admiral’s mouth. It clearly took her a moment or two to get herself composed again.

“I’ve worked with the First Sergeant before, sir,” she said, shock in her tone now as well. “He’s a good team leader. I’ll see you when I arrive at Starbase Ten.”

“Good. Make it quick, Commander. There’s a lot to do, and I fear we’re running out of time.” Without a proper goodbye, the Admiral closed the commlink.

“Shit,” Aoife said when the screen went to the Starfleet screensaver. “Eryn...”