The Sim

Welcome to the USS Leo Information page which contains both in and out of character information. This page contains important information to know about joining or being a member of the crew.


The USS Leo as a sim strives to focus on the lives of a ship with a smaller crew. With forty-six members of the crew and a marine squad of twelve aboard things are bound to be a bit tighter especially when only four members of the crew are the only ones privy to their own quarters.

Members of the crew include two commissioned officers, one Chief Warrant Officer, mostly Non-Commissioned Officers, and some enlisted personnel. As it is a small ship our manifest will be heavily structured to make sense. Ranks are solely for in-character purposes only and have no effect on the community as a whole. Characters will be expected to be built to the correct rank, age, and experience level required for their selected position. Position Descriptions, Career Information, and more can be found on our database.

Membership Requirements/Responsibilities

• All members of the community are expected to be a part of what we strive to make not only a writing group but a family. As part of this family, all are expected to have mutual respect for each other and while constructive criticism is encouraged being rude and being intolerant is not acceptable.

• All members of the sim must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or older to join.

• Our acceptable adult content rating is 323, as defined per the RPG Rating System:

• Any member of the sim found to have been anything but truthful with identity or age will be removed and banned from the sim.

•  The Leo Staff are not responsible for content posted by a member but has the right to moderate it at any time.

• Members of the Leo Staff are the leaders of the community and have the final say in all matters, with the final decision resting with the Game Master (GM).

• Anyone who is actively using the USS Leo website, Discord server, or any other service agrees to follow the rules and regulations regardless of membership status.

• All members of the USS Leo are members of the Fifth Fleet and subject to their rules.

Activity Requirements

All members of the USS Leo are required to participate in at least one post per month. They are asked to please respond to Joint Posts at least once every seventy-two hours and if unable to participate for longer than five days to please post an LOA on NOVA and/or the Discord.

Canon Policy

The content of this database is to be considered sim canon and overrides any other source of canon as it applies to the writing on the USS Leo. If the content is not available or posted to this database content available on the Fifth Fleet Database and then Memory Alpha shall take precedence. On a case, by case basis, other canon sources regarding the Star Trek universe may be used or other direction may be given by the Game Master or Assistant Game Master(s) until such official content may be created. Any questions regarding canon should be brought to a member of the Leo Staff.