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Chief Warrant Officer 2 M'obek

Name M'obek

Position Engineering Officer

Rank Chief Warrant Officer 2

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Half-Klingon, Half-Human
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 6'6
Weight 235 lbs
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Dark brown
Physical Description Long, braided hair hangin past his shoulders and a matching beard loping down to his chest.

His face is in a constant scrunch, matching the ridges on his forhead. M'obek's mouth often remains curled in a disappointed frown.

Tall, though somewhat thin for a Klingon, M'obek is lean - his muscle is there, and there's a lot of it, but his frame isn't as threatening behind a Starfleet uniform.


Spouse Sandra Ferrer (divorced)
Children Lars, son of M'obek, 14
Cindra, daughter of M'obek, 13
Father Leirs, son of Mebarek (deceased)
Mother Wendy
Brother(s) (none)
Sister(s) (none)
Other Family/Important Relationships Martin Sartera, cousin, 44 - Captain of the USS Palaiologos

Miranda Sartera, cousin, 41 - Theoretical Astrophysicist, Author

Personality & Traits

General Overview Stern and sometimes unforgiving, M'obek is an immovable object by nature. Stubborn and hard headed, though not ignorantly so. He will listen to reason and will admit to being wrong...when it's obvious.

M'obek is torn between his two halves, having been passed on the mantle of Klingon Warrior by his father, while juggling the engineering interests he shares with his mother and older cousin - not to mention how those two clash, being that Klingons don't value their scientists or engineers.

M'obek has gotten better at controlling his anger over time, but it can still remain an issue when he is feeling frustrated or boxed in.

A relentless worker, to the point of anxiety when he's not doing something useful, M'obek doesn't stop to have fun often. But when he does, he, too, is unstoppable at that.
Ambitions Above all else, Captaincy - M'obek believes he can share the life of a respected warrior and engineer both as a starship Captain.

M'obek has also always maintained interest in redesigning and perfecting abandoned methods of FTL travel beyond warp drive and the QSD.
Hobbies & Interests Klingon poetry
Terran ice hockey and rugby
Terran card games
Sun Tzu and Machiavellian philosophy
Klingon and Terran mixed martial arts
Terran crime novels
Soliton wave travel

Personal History Leirs, of House Leirs, met Wendy Senna at Deep Space 9 in 2975;she was the irritable well of warp core knowledge and Chief Engineer for the USS McGovern, an Akira-class cruiser, while he was a dashing young warrior who had carved out a minor nod of distinguish during the Dominion War. As the two tell the story, they met at a Ferengi's bar, where she had won thirteen rounds of darts and bought thirteen rounds for the house in celebration. Somewhat taken by the Klingon-like beauty of the 6'4 and powerful Wendy, the confident Leirs challenged her to a round of darts. She won the first match, but he broke her streak in the second game, and narrowly took the third. After the house stopped getting drinks, they paid less attention to the two, who seemed on the verge of brawling once they'd moved over to the dom jot table. As Leirs told the story, after the darts match, Wendy won every challenge he asked of her, and they continued late into the night after the bar closed.

The two continued to be close friends for some years after the war ended, lamenting that they hadn't taken their chances at being something more sooner, before they'd been separated by duty - until a chance meeting in 2379 at a conference at Khitomer that Leirs asked Wendy, formally, to be his mate. She was brought into the House of Leirs, and they seemed quite the happy couple in spite of their odd situation.

Years of attempting to start a family came to an end in 2384. However, Wendy's patience with her darling husband seemed to wear thin over time, as soon she had two handfuls of trouble in her young son. M'obek grew up in a household immediately wrought with tragedy; his father, Leirs, had been captain of the Klingon starship T'pik for almost a decade when it was ambushed by a surprisingly large group of wanted Klingon criminals. The T'pik was lost, her crew almost entirely wiped out, and it's captain crippled in the attack. Leirs was unable to retain a leadership position, though his honor remained mostly in tact, as it was determined he tried to fight to his last, surviving by chance alone. Feeling ashamed nonetheless, Leirs contemplated a warrior's death, but decided to raise his son before dying.

From a young age M'obek had an aptitude for battle but not the appetite. He preferred working on engines and warp cores with his mom - now a starship engineer at Utopia Planitia (later relocating to the Beta Antares shipyards after the synthetic terrorist attack in 2395). M'obek and Leirs often argued over the son's dedication to a warrior lifestyle, and that he could be a great warrior of only he listened while training.

Instead, M'obek grew older and sunk himself deeper into technological studies, sometimes abandoning his training sessions altogether, to the dismay of Leirs. However, around the time M'obek was 14, Leirs's condition began to worsen, and he began to lose a lot of his independent function. Shaken by his father's condition, M'obek promised to change.

Indeed, M'obek became quite the capable warrior, on top of a gifted engineer. He studied Klingon and Terran martial arts alike, mixing together styles while becoming quick and decisive with the Klingon blades and phasers alike. At 17, he explained to Leirs that he planned to attend Starfleet Academy. Three days later, Leirs begged his son to perform the Hegh'bat ceremony. As M'obek plunged the knife into his father's heart, the man begged he join the Klingon Defense Force.

M'obek compromised, and joined the ranks of enlisted among Starfleet when he was just 18. He struggled with the death of Leirs for some time, and was frustrated to leave his mother alone, but M'obek was more than ready to attend a boot camp, becoming one of the trainee leaders among his group while there. Obsessed with climbing his way up from the hardest path, M'obek refused to attend the "A"-school for specialized training, opting instead to accept his first assignment aboard the USS Argyle, on which he would cut his teeth as the engineer's mate.

During his service on the Argyle, M'obek struck rate in a little over a year of service after helping maintain the ship's engineering section after a tachyon surge knocked half the crew unconscious - including most of the engineers.

Aboard the Argyle, M'obek met his future ex-wife, Sandra; she was the Chief Engineer, but a fierce woman and a heavy drinker, and the two took to each other immediately. They were married by the time M'obek turned 21,and had two kids soon after.

Shortly following the birth of their daughter Cindra was born, the two transfered aboard the USS Albany. After joining the Albany as its propulsion specialist, M'obek once again earned a promotion when he identified a systemic computer glitch that could have led to the warp core overloading and blowing.

However, his marriage would not last, and M'obek and his wife would divorce after just six years of marriage. Sandra, now second officer aboard the Albany, struggled with family life versus command, and their relationship broke down shortly thereafter. M'obek has not dated in the eight years since, and sees his kids very rarely, as they're with their mother aboard the Albany, which she captains.

M'obek transfered from the Albany to his cousin's ship, the Palaiologos, where he spent the next eight years as assistant to the engineer. It was here that he distinguished himself on a few different occasions;

1.) Earned promotion to CPO1 in 2414 after a warp core breach threatened the ship, and M'obek nearly sacrificed his life to reinstate the malfunctioning core ejection system at just the last moment.

2.) While attending Warrant Officer Candidate School, was identified as a "clever and dedicated engineer, endlessly loyal to his crew and his ship; could make commission one day, if desired."

3.) In 2419, saved the captain's life from a Nausicaan threatening him with violence, and subdued the aggressor without causing significant harm.

4.) Again in 2419,helped locate the source of a toxic gas filtering into the ship from space, and to contain the threat without major damage sustained to life or the ship.

Soon after the most recent incident, M'obek was offered a quick promotion from CWO1 to the 2nd CWO rank, and with it, position as engineering officer aboard the USS Leo, which he readily accepted.

Service Record 2384 - Born

2402 - Enlists in Starfleet boot camp and is made a Crewman Apprentice; assigned to the USS Argyle as an engineer's mate.

2403 - Strikes rank and is promoted to Petty Officer Third Class, working as both engineer's and electrician's mate.

2407 - Promoted to Petty Officer Second Class, transfered to the USS Albany, serves as Propulsion Specialist

2412 - Transfered to USS Palaiologos as Assistant Engineer

2414 - Promoted to Petty Officer First Class

2416 - Requests temporary transfer to Warrant Officer Candidate School, earning the rank upon completion. Returns to service aboard the USS Palaiologos

2419 - Promoted to Chief Warrant Officer 1, continuing service aboard USS Palaiologos.

2420 - Offered position as Engineering Officer aboard the USS Leo, accepts - along with promotion to Chief Warrant Officer 2.