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Chief Petty Officer Iari Io

Name Iari Io

Position Medical Petty Officer

Rank Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ardanan
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3" / 1.6m
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Classically beautiful, her hair is slightly wavy (or sometimes curly), and is worn long. Her complexion is fair and slightly freckled. She has a slender build and maintains a physically fit physique.


Spouse Caius
Children Son, closed adoption
Father Iavolenus -and- Odellis
Mother (Surrogate record sealed)
Brother(s) Nastri (Adopted), Opiter (Surrogate record sealed, deceased), Aulus (Foster), Faustus (Adopted), Manius (Foster)
Sister(s) None

Personality & Traits

General Overview Looks can be deceiving when it comes to Iari, her youthful and innocent appearance belie the extensive education she has received and the accompanying experience. Two traits people enjoy the most are that she's patient and intelligent. Of course she's also disciplined, persuasive and forthright, but these are, in a way, balanced by being evasive when it comes to discussing her personal life.

Her patience though, this is what she's cherished for. Oftentimes people will count on this when they're in need of support.

Nobody's perfect, and Iari has plenty of character faults, too. She can be aloof and egotistical. Fortunately, her acumen helps make sure these days are few and far between.
Ambitions Iari is a humanitarian and finds gratification in bringing health and safety to others.
Hobbies & Interests Painting, drawing. Building puzzles. She takes joy in the simpler aspects of life and can find satisfaction in such simple activities as flying a kite.

Personal History Iari was the only girl in a family of brothers. She was one of two children born to Iavolenus and Odellis through a surrogate mother. Her other brothers were either adopted or came into the family as a long-term foster. Her father, Odellis, had been in the foster system in his youth and wanted to create a safe home for others in similar need. Iavolenus wanted biological children, and that is how Iari and Opiter joined the family.

Education was an important part of family life as both of her parents were professors at the local university in Stratos. Her education began early and Iari excelled at prodigy-level through elementary and secondary schooling. By age fifteen, she was enrolled at the local university with a major in environmental science and a minor in biology.

She was married to Caius shortly after her eighteenth birthday. It was an arranged marriage to fulfill the requirements of an inheritance contract. Caius was required to be married before inheriting his uncle’s estate. The marriage was arranged by her parents. It’s unclear how Iari benefits from the marriage; however, she was allowed to complete her education and pursue her career in the manner which she desired and for her, that meant finding something off-world as quickly as possible.

Starfleet offered her the escape she was looking for and armed with her background in biology, she found a role as a health service technician. She served on the USS Jupiter for two years prior to transferring to Mercy Penal Colony. There, she worked within the hospital as well as on the USS Reyab, a prisoner transport ship. Approximately six months before being assigned to the USS Leo, Iari took a leave of absence.

The leave was due to an unplanned pregnancy. The child was given up for adoption. The adoption files are sealed and information regarding the situation surrounding the conception and pregnancy are classified in her records. (The classified information includes the name of the genetic father, Karn Barlow. It also includes the details of the non-consensual nature of the conception, the investigation, and subsequent consequences.)
Service Record USS Jupiter
Mercy Penal Colony, USS Reyab